Saturday Boutique

Open Saturdays 10am to 6pm

Oyin Handmade - Baltimore | The Salon: N at Oyin
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The Salon: N at Oyin

Oyin Handmade has partnered with N Natural Hair Studio of Silver Spring to bring you beautiful natural styling and hair care using our delicious products.  #IssaTakeover!

About N

The N in our name stands for NDiagne (N-Di-Ag-Nay) which means strong hair. Representative of our strong roots, our hair defies gravity. It grows with twists and turns; breaking all rules and redefining the cookie cutter definition of beauty in today’s world. It’s sassy, it’s sexy, and in its own way it’s intriguing to those who love it and those who don’t. It’s funky yet sophisticated. Intimidating yet inviting. Bold yet subtle. Tough yet soft to the touch. Quiet yet makes a statement. Some call it kinky. Some call it ugly. Some call it nappy. We just call it good hair. Our natural hair is brilliant and were ready to let the world know. That’s our way. The N way.